Where to eat in Sutton this summer

Explore the savoury world of Sutton’s bistros, Café de village, microbreweries and restaurants. Belgian chocolate, home-made ice cream, fresh baked breads and pastries, imported teas, specialty coffees, home-brewed beers and local wines…what delights to the palate!

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Au Diable Vert – Station de Montagne

A variety of unusual lodging, camping, hiking, water fun activities, and winter outdoor activities on its 360 acres of land, in Glen Sutton (4☆).
169 Chemin Staines, Sutton, Quebec, Canada J0E 2K0
450 538-5639

Foodies Tour

Explore the Village Tour or the Rural Tour by car or on your bicycle.
24-A, Principale S, Sutton, Quebec, Canada J0E 2K0
450 538-8455