Parc d'environnement naturel de Sutton, 900 Réal, Sutton, Quebec, Canada J0E 2K0
Plein Air Sutton, 429 Maple, Sutton, Quebec, Canada J0E 2K0
Au Diable Vert, 169 Staines, Glen Sutton, Quebec, Canada J0E 2K0
Description :

Sutton is known for its fantastic ski hill but there are also plenty of other places (and ways) to enjoy the snow. If downhill is not your thing, there are beautiful trails at Parc d'environnement naturel de Sutton (PENS), Plein Air Sutton and Au Diable Vert plus some fun new (and old) ways to get out and about on the snow in Sutton this winter.

1. Get on your bike.

A fatbike that is. These bikes are specially designed with wide tyres and rims so they can be ridden on the snow. There are 10km of intermediate and challenging trails in a beautiful 100 year old forest plus bike hire available at Plein Air Sutton. Rentals also available in the village at CINETIK.
Trail Suggestions: “D” and ZigZag, Plein Air Sutton.

2. Heard of hok skiing?

A sort of across between cross country skis and snow shoes they are easy to handle and great for all sorts of terrain. No special footwear needed. Rent at boutique CINETIK and Au Diable Vert.
Trail suggestion: Red, Au Diable Vert.

3. Don’t forget crampons.

Snowshoes are wonderful in fresh snow but when trails have been packed or the going is icy then crampons really come into their own. Rentals available at boutique CINETIK and Plein Air Sutton*.
Trail suggestion: Dos d’orignal, Parc Sutton PENS and trail“A-C”, Plein Air Sutton.

*People cannot rent equipment at Plein Air Sutton and use it at another resort.