La Rumeur affamée
La Rumeur affamée
La Rumeur affamée
La Rumeur affaméeLa Rumeur affaméeLa Rumeur affamée
15 Principale N, Sutton, Quebec, Canada J0E 2K0
Description :

Real institution in the heart of the village of Sutton.  La Rumeur Affamée is a must-have for all lovers of good food for the past 20 years. Both fine groceries, cheese and bakery, there is also a large selection of cold cuts, sweets, ready to go home meals and fine products of all kinds. The Rumeur  is part of the <Coeur du Village>.

Founded in 1999 by André Forest and Benoit Fradette, then sold to Kelly and Wayne Shanahan in 2009, Rumeur Affamée now  June 2018, managed by a brand new team composed of four business partners: Kim Besré, Jean-Philippe Demers , Jean-Philippe Maurice and Laiterie Charlevoix.

Sutton Coeur villageois

450 538-1888

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