The Blue Muse Circuit

24-A Principale S, Sutton, Quebec, Canada J0E 2 K0
Description :

Did you know that Sutton has some 120 professional artists and craftspeople?

Explore or rediscover the village of Sutton on a walking tour that takes you through art and time, from past to present. Feel free to stop along the way at shops, parks and art galleries to take a closer look or listen to memories of previous generations and the stories of local artists. As you walk along, you will become more familiar with Sutton’s cultural, artistic, architectural and natural heritage.

For this two-hour tour through the village, just follow the blue line on the ground and on the interactive map found on the app Ondago. Whether you’re doing the tour as part of your daily walk or as a visitor to Sutton, stop anywhere you wish or when something catches your interest.

The tour is a 4,3 to 5,3 km walk and it starts at the Sutton Tourist Office and ends at the Sutton School of Art. And for more family fun, follow the blue line while completing the outdoor discovery rally.

Follow the signs stencilled on the sidewalk! Pamphlet available at the Sutton Tourist Office or visit Sutton website.

Farfelu, Arts Sutton, et   Art Plus Welcome you from Thursday to Sunday. As for the Ecocultural Park, D'Arts et de rêves, you are invited to walk in its paths adorned with sculptures all year.

All year round activities

We offer you something special: direct experience of the Eastern Townships and its landscapes, artists and trends, all explored through some 20 art shows of regional and national scope every year and interactive activities..

On the menu: Contemporary, figurative and abstract art, plus photography and crafts.

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Plein'Art is thus proud to be associated with the Tour des Arts, Nature & Creation, Festiv’Art and the Petit Salon Roche, papier, ciseaux.

Let’s all recognize the importance of local artists on our cultural and community living!

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